Explaining who I really was from heaven

you may now know the real me since I am in heaven now there is nothing anyone can do so hear goes. I am a  young man in my thirty’s I rose from a not so great childhood in North Dakota hoping to become  wealthy. However, I achieved this goal by participating in organized crimes, which were distributing illegal alcohol and trading in stolen securities. I wanted to get rid of poverty and I dreamed for wealth and inteligence I dropped out of St. Olaf’s College after only two weeks because I could not bear the janitorial job with which I was paying my tuition with. Though I always wanted to be rich, my main motivation in acquiring this fortune was my love for Daisy Buchanan, whom I met as a young military officer in Louisville before leaving to fight in World War I in 1917.

I immediately fell in love with Daisy’s luxury and charm, and I even lied to her about my own background in order to convince her that I was good enough for her. Daisy promised to wait for me when I left oversies for war, but then married Tom Buchanan in 1919, while I was studying at Oxford after the war in an attempt to gain an education. From that  moment  on, I prided myself on winning Daisy back, and my Manshion and parties are all ways of trying to get Daisy back.

the end of it all

Today I waited at Daisys home until four o’clock in the morning to make sure Tom did not hurt her but Tom did not try to. Nick suggests that I forget about Daisy and leave Long Island, but I refuse to leave Daisy behind. I tell Nick about Daisy in Louisville in 1917.  I loved her for her youth and vitality, and idolized her social position, wealth, and popularity.she was the first girl to whom I ever felt close to I even lied about my background to make her believe that I was worthy of her. I made love to Daisy and it seemed like I was married to her. I was then interrupted by my gardener while I was telling Nick about my life with daisy the gardener asked me to get the pool drained worrying that leaves would clog it up I decided to tell him not to swimming was something I hadn’t done in a while. Nick was talking to me for so long he was late for work he even told me I was worth more than the Buchanan’s to him. That same day I was swimming it felt so great to be swimming in my own pool on an air mattress it was calming. I’m looking up at the sky and wait one second I hear something

Hello Daisy are you there sorry I’m back I was Just hearing stuff Daisy was something important for me wait there it is again is that you Daisy, hey is any one there looks like I’m hallucinating again so where was I……. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Continued…   I’m back old sports luckily I’m not in hell and I’m in heaven speaking to you letting things end this way is not good for my journal. Two years after my death things changed a whole lot not much people went to my funeral but at least Nick and a couple other people went. I guess people didn’t really know me well and just came for my parties but its okay I wouldn’t have created parties if it wasn’t for Daisy. As you people can see I’m dead because Daisy ran over the wife of my killer its okay I don’t want revenge the old man killed himself how stupid he took my life for something I didn’t do. I see that Nick moved back to the Mid west because he was sick of the East now that I am gone. Tom is a man who cant play by the rules he told George that I was the owner of the car because he wanted to get rid of me. Tom knew that Daisy loved me. Even though I am dead now Daisy will always keep me in her mind when shes sleeping when shes looking at Toms face and when she speaks to him. Daisy loves me for who I am and loves Tom for his money. If this was untrue I wouldn’t be known as the great Gatsby.

Life before the car accident

I was born James Gatz on a North Dakota farm. you see old sports I got my name Jay Gatsby from a guy named Dan Cody he hired me as his personal assistant. I was aboard his yacht traveling with him to the Barbary Coast and West Indies. you see old sports Cody was a heavy drinker and my job was to look after him during his drunken Binges. This gave me a healthy respect to the dangers of alcohol. When Cody died he left me $25,000 but his mistress wouldn’t let me get it. from that day on I dedicated myself to money. I started creating parties so that one day Daisy could come to one of my parties.

Later on Daisy comes over to have some tea things were really awkward. I didn’t think things would go great but they did I showed Daisy my home and Daisy loved it. But the greatest part was when she had seen th shirts right then I knew she loved them her emotions for them showed who she was. Because I had gotten Daisy to come to my home I canceled parties because Daisy already came I hate parties I find them foolish the only reason I start them is to get Daisy to come to my party. so after I stopped parties at my home to happen I fired my servants so that gossip doesn’t happen in exchange with the servants I replaced them with shady individuals connected to Meyer Wolfsheim.

I was in East egg having dinner and Daisy’s daughter comes out of nowhere and I am shocked to see Daisy with a baby girl already, and come to think of it I should be the one with a child not Tom. Daisy, Tom , Jordan, and I decide to take a suite at the plaza hotel. While their Tom initiates a conversation with me and does this by mocking me as saying “old sport” he accuses me of not attending oxford and I respond that I was there for 5 months in an army program following the war. Tom asks about my intentions for Daisy and I say that Daisy loves me and not Tom that’s the truth the only reason she took him is because he was rich and because I went overseas. Tom then says him and daisy have a history I will never have and accuses me of running a bootlegging operation.while me and Daisy Drove back we were driving and Daisy starts to drive and Myrtle is hit by my yellow car. I no that Daisy hit Myrtle with the car and kept driving but she was frightened. even though Daisy killed Myrtle I am willing to take the blame for her.

About me

I was named Jay Gatz living on a North Dakota farm. I went to St Olaf’s in Minnesota and dropped out after two weeks. You see old sport I did not like the janitor work which I was in. I worked on Lake Superior  fishing for salmon and digging for clams.One day,I had seen  a yacht owned by Dan Cody a wealthy man. Dan Cody hired me as his personal assistant. While I was on his yacht as his personal assistant,I was Traveling with  him to the Barbary Coast and the West Indies, I the great Gatsby had just fallen in love with wealth and luxury. Money is a great thing you see old sport money may give you everything you want for example Daisy left me for Tom because Tom is a wealthy guy which shows that Daisy prides herself on money. You see old sport if it wasn’t for the money I had achieved I probably wouldnt have great parties everyone looks forward to, and also I wouldn’t have the great Hotel De Ville that I own.

Money is great with my money I got Daisy to come over and see how great things have gotten. Daisy saw some wonderful shirts that she thought was extravagant shirts of sheer linen, and thick silk and fine flannel, and Daisy just loved them she had never seen shirts as great as these. You see old sport money fixed everything for me.

what I think about it

You see old sport I never thought of things to be like this after I came back from war. I thought life would be like the past. The most heart breaking was when Daisy was siting with me and the others on the table and her doughter comes out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe it I thought I would be the one with the child not Tom. left me for Tom it was upsetting, and to see Daisy leave after making a promise that she would wait for me to come back,and because I was not wealthy like Tom Buchanan! so because of this I decided to set my mind on nothing but money, money to me is the goal to winning over Daisy. I decided to also create parties that hopefully will lure daisy right to me.

I think this is devastating you see old sport this is just devastating to see everything taken away from me like I’m nobody this is just devastating to see Tom Buchanan take away Daisy just because he has money it’s very upsetting old sport. Things like this make me like an animal the untrue thing in me. Hopefully Daisy will end up at one of my parties and will figure out how great I am now. I loved Daisy because everyone else thought she was beautiful and atractive so why not she seems like a great beautiful lady who needs a man like me.